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My journey started around my mid twenties. As for many it started without me even realising it. I was a very clued in child with a strong mind and deep thoughts about our existence. Always looking for “the right way”.

"Life was messy and I was desperate for answers."

I got a bit distracted, like one might, in my late teens/early 20s, exploring life… But in my mid 20s I felt like I had hit a wall. My heart had lost its joy. I was using alcohol and other substances to sometimes numb myself and other times to force myself to feel something, anything. Life was messy and I was desperate for answers.

I stumbled upon Kinesiology, the mode of physical and emotional healing I later developed as my own skill and ran a successful practice in. My eyes opened up to a brighter world with more possible answers. It started off on a very practical - and necessary - note where I successfully managed to get my thyroid back into balance after years on the contraceptive pill, which had been putting my whole system out of balance. I started listening and hearing my body through a system that made sense to me and had good grounding in the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. Slowly I was starting to come home to me.

"On the one hand I was never afraid of trying something new; on the other hand it easily took me off my path."

After a few years in practice as a Systematic Kinesiologist I came across some amazing essential oils through doTERRA. At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Still working from a muddled stand point, not seeing the bigger picture, never mind my own potential or purpose within it. I was trying so hard to follow “the right way”, this belief that I had from childhood of there being such thing. It had both good and bad influences on my life. On the one hand I was never afraid of trying something new; on the other hand it easily took me off my path. Seeing other people’s “successful” strategies and trying to implement them into my own business, sacrificing my own strategies because to the outer world the “other” looked like success.

Believe me when I say that I know what it’s like trying to find your feet, not being sure of your parameters and feeling like you’re drowning in the voices of those more aggressive, competitive, old school followers. All of a sudden you’re not sure of your own way anymore. You get side tracked with chasing success defined by someone else.

"...that’s when I started finding my feet."

I spent many years pendulating between feeling solid in my own way and method and getting lost in doubt about what I was doing and who I was being. Not until I was able to open my eyes and look at the facts of what was really going on - and I’m not talking about the data provided by numbers and sales here. Because the truth is, as much as numbers don’t lie, they sure don’t tell the full story either. You may get a snap shot in time by looking at numbers but the real story runs deeper than that. And that’s when I started finding my feet. When I stopped defining success outside of myself, from someone else’s stand point, and started following what comes natural to me and in essence brings me joy.

Bottom line is, whether you’re an entrepreneur building your business or a mother/father trying to make the best choices for your family. It all comes down to one thing: You becoming the Master of your OWN way. Nothing else is going to cut it. In order for us to really thrive and truly live the best version of ourselves, we need to master our own talents in our own unique way. And we need to understand that success is a personal thing, defined by each and every one of us in our own way, not by the outside world. To be successful I believe you will also be happy (the one doesn’t come without the other!) And this is ALWAYS an inside job!

Happy journeying my friend and I look forward to join you for some of the way!

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